Jason & Sarah Wedding Video Highlights

We had the privilege of filming a wedding in September for Jason and Sarah. It was a beautiful wedding at  The Grand Holiday Ballroom in downtown Olympia, WA. Here are some highlights from their special day!


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Jami & Jake Bridal Session

Jami and Jake tied the knot last night in a lovely evening ceremony at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA. Because they knew they were taking a risk with Pacific Northwest weather by selecting a date at the end of October, they opted to take advantage of some of the beautiful weather earlier in the fall for a couples session with us. Jami took advantage of the opportunity to do a trial run for her hair and make up for the big day and we were able to try out a variety of settings and poses in a casual shoot without the pressures of a wedding day timeline. To see the full album, head over to the gallery!


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Olympia Lightning Storm

Last week, the Pacific Northwest got a thunder and lightning show straight from the Midwest – it was epic! We were out celebrating our sister-in-law’s birthday and watched the storm slowly roll in over Budd Bay and then went to their place for game night, so we weren’t out and about taking photos like Kiersten and Dustin, but we did enjoy watching it!

On Friday, we had another electrical storm hovering over Thurston County and, since we were home in our PJs, it was the perfect time to pull out the camera and experiment. We went to Overlook Park and watched the storm above Lacey with twenty-some other people, but once it started to get closer we packed up and went home. Standing on the highest point in the area next to a metal water tower just didn’t seem like a smart move!

We set up a tripod on the patio and sat back and watched the beautiful show. Unlike the previous storm, this one was VERY quiet, eerily quiet. There were very few ground to sky lightning bolts, just mostly cloud to cloud. I told Mitch the whole thing felt sideways!

We were mostly taking the opportunity to learn and experiment with various photo and video settings, which was fun. Mitch can tell you all about the technical aspects of how DSLRs capture video and the dark bars it creates, but I couldn’t stop staring at one of the “mistakes” he captured on one of the videos, so I grabbed a frame to share here!



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Mitch’s DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig Featured on IndyMogul

Last summer Mitch and his uber-impressive dad, Dick, built a shoulder rig for the T2i. He had wanted one for awhile, but they are pretty pricey and he knew that the two of them could make something pretty comparable for much less. Using a mono-pod and a few materials around Dick’s shop (and some *ahem* fancy sewing skills from yours truly), they did an impressive job!


This week the “IndyMogul,” a web series about filmmaking, did a mailbag segment where they answered viewer questions on  budget-friendly camera rigs. During the segment (about the 1:35 mark) he mentioned Mitch’s “DIY Shoulder Rig + Follow Focus” video  as one of his favorite DIY rigs on YouTube! If you’re a filmmaker, be sure to check out IndyMogul and Film Riot – some of the top leaders in indy filmmaking!

Here’s the IndyMogul Video:

And here was Mitch’s tutorial:

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On Wednesday night, I posted one photo from our day before attempting (unsuccessfully) to get some shut eye. As a part of our holiday tradition, we ran around town from event to event but on the 4th we usually end up at the Artesian Festival and Thunder Valley Fireworks Show.

I hadn’t planned to bring the camera, but another photographer inspired me to focus on my favorite part of the fireworks show – the people I am watching it with. Don’t get me wrong, the fireworks are great, but it is the unique sense of family and community at the event that I remember most the rest of the year.

So I drug the camera and the always-handy GorillaPod along and had some fun experimenting during the show.

Waiting in anticipation.

The National Anthem

And they start!

Creepy green fireworks.

Loved the cowboy boots!

Josh and his son.

The grown ups.

My favorite shot of the evening. When I think of the 4th of July, this is what my mind sees.

Hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family!


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Happy Independence Day from Netzer Media

Taken at Tumwater‘s Artesian Festival & Thunder Valley Fireworks Show

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And the Winner is….

Jen Anthis!


You’ve won the Big We’ve Moved and We’re Excited Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared about the contest, we’ll keep you informed when we have another one!

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Welcome to the World, Oliver

A few weeks ago I got to spend the morning hanging out with little Oliver. He is such a sweetie and was quite content to just sit back and watch the rest of us go around doing our thing. Check out the rest of the photos of Oliver and his family in the gallery!


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The Big We’ve Moved and We’re Excited! Giveaway

It’s been awfully quiet on here (sorry!), but it’s been anything but behind the scenes – Netzer Media has moved to Olympia!


We’ll still be serving the Puget Sound Area with photography and videography, we’ll just be based out of the southern end instead. We’ve enjoyed our four years in Kirkland and will miss seeing our friends up their as often, but we are excited for the next chapter ahead down here – and Jacque will never get tired of this perma-rainy view of the Capitol!

We’re so excited to be back in our hometown, we want to include you in the celebration with a giveaway!


One lucky winner will get a free one hour session and 8×10 print of their choice.

All you have to do is click Like on our Facebook page and share about our giveaway by June 1st! Yup, it’s that easy.

(If you already like us on Facebook, you’re already got one step down AND you get a gold star in our book! Just go ahead and share the post.)

We’ll announce the randomly selected winner on June 2nd, good luck!


Fine Print Stuff: Entries must be received by June 1, 2012 11:59 PM PST. Winner must be located in the Puget Sound Area, sorry.


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World Water Day

Ladies and gentlemen, it is World Water Day!

Water is a big problem.

We’ve talked about clean water before, but today is YOUR day and MY day to make a BIG difference!

I want to introduce you to The Adventure Project.

They dream big. And they strive to make an impact in a very practical way. But I’ll let them share in their own words how your donation TODAY can help impact nearly a million people:



Thank you for literally saving lives. To show our gratitude, here is a ridiculous little screensaver-esque video that is perfect for spacing out watching during your lunch break.

This is what happens when I leave for a girls weekend and Mitch is home with a camera, access to the kitchen and WAY to much time.




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